To Do List

  • There are probably more documents to find in the Registry of Deeds, Henrietta St, Dublin, which would shed more light on Edward FitzGerald (The Engraver) - and the business affairs of his sons.
  • See also: Printers and Booksellers in Dublin 1800-1850, Benson, C (Charles), Trinity College Dublin; location: Early Printed Books Reading Room, Shelfmark OL Xerox 4 no. 17
  • Also National Lottery - Edward the Engraver was (first?) clerk.
  • The Parish Registers of St Mary's Pro Cathedral (National Library of Ireland - online version seems to be incomplete) for more of Edward the Engraver's children. He might have been married more than once of course. His children could have different mothers? We're still looking for a Fitzpatrick female.
  • Might George the brazier appear in parish registers?
  • Who lived at The Seasons, Balymore Eastace prior to Edward Junior in 1866? After he died in 1878?

There is an archive of Fitzpatrick family papers which includes documents concerning the (illegitimate) son's relationship with his (legitimate) sisters Anne and Gertrude. University College Dublin, James Joyce Library. Closed Fridays. Need an appointment and a readers card. +353-1-716 7555 during Research Room opening hours. Email

(There is a dormant title in this family. It also looks as if Anne and Gertrude had another sister, Mary, who is listed as having died in infancy.)


If anyone is looking to see how we may relate to the famous Edward Fitzgerald who was sheltered in Murphy's house etc etc (I call him Edward the Rebel) then I have found two possibilities :

1. Edward the Rebel's Dad James, 1st Duke of Leinster and 20th Earl of Kildare, had two brothers who both appear in lineages as "Unknown Fitzgerald". If our ancestor Edward (1758 - 1834) was the son on either of these, then he would have been first cousin of Edward the Rebel. In this case we would be descended from Robert, 19th Earl of Kildare.

2. Edward the Rebel's Great Great Grandfather also had two brothers listed as "Unknown Fitzgerald". If we are descended from either of these then we are descended from Gerald, 9th Earl of Kildare, and our ancestor Edward (1758 - 1834) would have been fourth cousin to Edward the Rebel.

There may be documents in the Registry of Deeds in Henrietta St Dublin which could help in this quest, or otherwise a professional genealogist may be able to help.