Edward Fitzgerald (1796 - 6 April 1867)

This is the eldest surviving son of Edward the Eldest, and George Wm's brother.

I had been pretty sure there was an Edward Sr in the family and possibly living at the same address because George Wm's eldest son Edward is referred to in the Dublin directories as "Edward FitzGerald Jr".

We have confirmation he lived with the family because of information given in Freeman's Journal when he dies:

In the DEATHS column: "April 6, at his residence, 34 Upper Fitzwilliam-street, in his 71st year, Edward Fitzgerald, Esq." [FJ 08.04.1867 p5]

and a separate obituary a few pages earlier:

"DEATH OF EDWARD FITZGERALD ESQ. It is with regret we announce the death of Edward Fitzgerald, Esq., on Saturday last, at his residence, 34 Upper Fitzwilliam-street. In his private life he gained many friends, who respected him for his sterling worth, his high-minded and honourable principles. He had an hereditary connection by property with many national institutions, and in his intercourse with their members he was distinguished by his kind and unobtrusive manner." [FJ 08.04.1867 p8]

He was buried in the vaults of the church of Saints Michael and John in Lower Exchange Street - as were many other members of the family - and his remains were moved to the vaults at St Andrews Westland Row along with all other occupants when the former was closed.

Have found he did leave a Will, of which nothing now seems to remain but an entry in the Calendar of Wills and Administrations. Probate 20 May 1867, proven by oath of George William Fitzgerald of Upr. Fitzwilliam Street, brother and sole executor. Effects under 4,000.

His death certificate says he died a bachelor, of gout.

William Fitzgerald (alive in 1837?)

[NB The information in the email mentioned in paragraph 4 below seems to be wrong, as I have just seen an online image of the relevant page in the Calendar of Wills & Admons which states that Edward's brother George William was executor/main beneficiary and not William. So of the only two times he does appear one is definitely a misprint and the other one quite likely to be. MM 17.08.2013]

The first trace I found of this person was that he is listed as first householder of 34 Upper Fitzwilliam Street in 1837, with George William listed second. This is the year George Wm and Marcella get married - right at the end of the year in December. As the name order is not alphabetical it must be either chance or the fact that William was of a higher standing - for example in age or status - than George William. He could have been an older brother, an uncle, or even a misprint.

He is not on the list of vault occupants sent to me by St Andrews Westland Row which contains the names of those moved from Saints Michael & John's when it was closed.

I did some searching in Freeman's Journal for a death announcement but found none - it's very tedious when there's no date clue.

But then in Jan 2010 new information turned up: Edward Fitzgerald Sr died on 6 April 1867 and left a will which "went to probate on 20 May 1867 and was proved by oath of William Fitzgerald of Upr Fitzwilliam St, brother and executor." (National Archives Eire email dated 27 Jan 1010) So William is Edward Sr's brother. And Edward Sr is now proven to be Edward the Eldest's son - as is George Wm - so these three are brothers.

But this makes it look as if it was this William (Sr) that was the first to be listed in the directories as living in Henrietta Place Dalkey (Nos. 3 and 4) in 1865, 1866 and 1867. William Jr would only have been 23, which would have been very young for this, and anyway if it had been him according to family tradition he would have been listed as William Junior even he was at a different address. And this one isn't.

In 1867 the listing is for William Fitzgerald, barrister. William Jr is certainly a barrister, and listed in 1867 at Elm Park, but I don't know if this indicates that William Sr was a barrister as well, or if William Jr is listed at both his father's and his uncle's places.