c1810 - 28 Mar 1891

Birth year calculated from age at death. The genealogists in Dublin say that age on burial records are notoriously wrong, and to expect them to be one or two years out and not to be surprised if they are anything up to ten years out.

Married Marcella Mary Dowdall in St Andrews RC Westland Row on 19 Dec 1837. One of the two manuscript parish registers says "Matilda" but this is a mistake. The witnesses were Edward and Mary Fitzgerald.

Marriage announcement:

"On the 19th instant, George William Fitzgerald, Esq of Upper Fitzwilliam-street to Marcella, only daughter of the late William Dowdall Esq., of the county Roscommon." (Freeman's Journal 21 Dec 1837 last page).

They go on to have ten sons and one daughter in the next 21 years.

Dublin directories list George William as householder at 34 Upper Fitzwilliam St from 1837 till 1866 inclusive, and all their children were born while they are resident here. It seems from other sources that his brother Edward Fitzgerald (1796-1867) was also resident at this address.

The first year they are there - 1837 - William Fitzgerald's name appears above George William's. This is the only mention I found of this man. If it is significant that William's name appears first instead of in alphabetical order, then maybe he was an older brother or uncle or something but it's probably just a misprint.

From 1867 to 1870 George William is listed at Elm Park - now a golf course - and the directory for 1871 was not on the shelves. In 1872 he's at 54 Upper Mount Street. 1873 - 1875 were missing, and in 1876 he's at No. 4 Henrietta Terrace in Dalkey - where William Fitzgerald is listed in 1865, 1866 and 1867.

The announcement in the Deaths column of Freemans Journal on 31.03.1891 (P1 ColA) reads:

"March 28th 1891, at Henrietta Place, Dalkey, George William Fitzgerald, in his 82nd year, deeply regretted. RIP. Funeral from the Church of the Assumption, Dalkey, for SS Michael and John's, Dublin, on tomorrow, (Wednesday) morning at 9.15 o'clock".

The family's bodies have since been removed from the vault in Ss Michael and John's and transferred to the vaults at St Andrews Westland Row

On his death certificate it says he died of "senile asthenia" (weakness according to Google) and the informant was his son Louis FitzGerald, also resident at 4 Henrietta Place.

Wills & Admons 1901: FITZGERALD George William (90) 20 April Administration (with the Will) of the estate of George William Fitzgerald late of Henrietta Place Dalkey County Dublin Esquire who died 28 March 1891 granted at Dublin to Louis Fitzgerald Esquire. Effects 2,844 11s. 1d.

So his will was proved ten years after his death and five years after his wife's death. His wife's Will was proven one month later also in 1901. I wonder why? His son Gerald our grandfather died in February 1901 so all three Wills appear in the same year.

His grandson (by son Gerald) was our grandfather, George William Joseph FitzGerald (1886-1976). The young George was named after his grandfather but had few memories of him as he was only aged about five when his grandfather died.

On all these records I have only seen great great grandfather George William's profession listed as "Gentleman".

Marcella Dowdall (c1816 - 28 Aug 1896)

Date of birth again calculated from age at death so unreliable. According to the announcement of her marriage to George William FitzGerald, she was the only daughter of William Dowdall Esq., of Roscommon, who died before the date of the wedding - 19 Dec 1837 at St Andrews RC Westland Row - full text of announcement and details of entry in Parish Register see under husband George William above. She was aged 21 when she married. Her eleven children are listed below.

Our grandfather George William Joseph could remember this grandmother very well, as he stayed with her at Henrietta Pace for some time when he was a child. She got a private tutor for him but Grandad didn't seem to me to have enjoyed the lessons much. He was about ten years old when his grandmother died.

Five of her sons died as adults during her lifeteime. She died herself at the age of 80 on 28 August 1896.

"DEATHS : August 28th, 1896, at her residence, Henrietta Place, Dalkey, Marcella Mary, widow of George William Fitz[ ]erald, deeply regretted. RIP. Funeral will leave above address on to-morrow (Tuesday) morning at 9.30 o'clock for SS Michael and John's, Dublin." Freeman's Journal of 31 August 1896 P1 ColA

Death certificate says she died of Hepatic & renal congestion and cardiac failure; signed by her son James ("present at death") who also gives his residence as 4 Henrietta Place, even though Thoms Directory lists him as resident at 15 Prince Edward Terrace from 1888.

Calendar of Wills & Admons: FITZGERALD Marcella M. (156) 20 March Probate of the Will of Marcella M. Fitzgerald late of 4 Henrietta-place Dalkey County Dublin Widow who died 28 August 1806 granted at Dublin to Louis Fitzgerald Esquire Effects 192.15

By the way, maternal Great great grandfather Henry Quick, writing to his daughter Nellie from St John's Newfoundland on 8 August 1878 says " ... When you write Emmie tell her I have directed her letter [to] Henrietta Place ... " So it seems his daughter, our maternal great grandmother, Emmeline Quick/Costello also stayed at Henrietta Place. That would have been thirteen years before George William Senior died. And five years before Gerald - our grandfather's father - married Maud Ryan. I wonder if she went to the wedding. I wonder if her adoptive father Arthur Costello did.

Children of George and Marcella

Edward Foster 1838
George 1840
William c1842
James Basil 1843
Henry Francis 1848
Louis 1849
Mary Marcella c1851
(Richard) Charles 1852
Gerald John? 1854
Joseph Otho 1855
Arthur Christopher Joseph 1858